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why to submit?

This archive is not created by a single person. It is a site where information and knowledge of many are compiled and presented.

The archive does not aspire to be a static one, it needs to grow with its users/members.

You can either submit new information regarding a building which has been destroyed in Kolkata during the period concerned, and which is not mentioned here, or you can submit information that corrects or adds to the compiled information in this archive.

what to submit?

You should at least submit (i) the name of the building (settlement/building/shop/company) or the address of the building, (ii) the year or the period when it was demolished, and (iii) the latitude and longitude of the location of the building. Information is given below regarding how to collect such latitude-longitude data.

Except these two basic information, also much required is (iv) a brief background of the building concerned and (v) information on how that site was re-used/re-developed after demolition?

News clippings (or links to them) and pictures/sketches/video are also very much welcome.

In case, you have been an inhabitant of a building that has been demolished, it would be wonderful if you can write (perhaps briefly) about your experiences in the house.

how to submit?

Probably the easiest way to submit information is to mail them to kol.carto[@]

Another way of submitting information is, and we encourage everybody to do this, by creating a wiki-page by clicking below. First, name the page you want to create (it is nice if the name of the page is same as the name/address of the building), then write the above mentioned details about the demolished building concerned in the content text box in the 'new page' page. And save it :)

Do not worry if the content is not formatted, that can be done later. Also you can click on the 'wiki text quick reference' below the content text box to learn basics of text formatting in Wikidot.

This page you have submitted will be converted into one of the pages of the archive.

Do not forget to write brief details about yourself and also some way of contacting you, preferably e-mail.

how to collect lat-long data?

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