Noyapotti Pora Colony


This Colony was mostly inhabited by migrants of Bengal partition of 1947. The Colony got its name Noyapotti Pora Colony (Noyapotti ‘burnt’ Colony) from the massive fire that destroyed it on 6th November 1996. The Colony was then rebuilt by the Municipality with help from state government, with expenditure of around 33 lakh rupees. The residents did not have rights to the land, but they did have ration cards, voter cards, migration certificate etc. Along with their shelter they lost access to livelihoods, all locally located, access to Red Cross medical camps that used to be regularly organised in the Colony, and access to primary education centers located within the Colony.

The Colony was demolished on 21st April 2002 to build the new connecting road from Chingrighata-Nicco Park stretch of E.M. Bypass to Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue towards Dum Dum Airport. Approximately 381 families were evicted, without any rehabilitation.

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